Thursday, December 17, 2009

Jameson's Karate Finale

Note how happy Jameson is...
Meran & Ella waiting for their brothers

They did it!
Note how happy Ms.Bridget looks now that it is over.

Okay, I haven't felt such anxiety as I felt on Tuesday afternoon. Jameson has been taking "karate" at The Little Gym for the past 3 months or so. He LOVES it! The class has 2 teachers and about 6 students...all BOYS ages 4-6.
This past Tuesday was their last class. The parents and some grandparents were invited into the gym to watch them demonstrate what they had "learned" (although I do not believe that you have to teach a 4 yr. old boy to be physical!). The class does recite a little saying before beginning, stating that they won't use their Karate on family, friends or pets (wheh!!), but only if their life is in danger. (hey you never know, right?)
It was HILARIOUS to say the least...Jameson did great, as long as he could stay focused on the teacher and keep his hands and his softee sword to himself. If they were a movie genre, Little boys would be an action thriller, comedy and mystery all rolled into one!

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