Thursday, December 17, 2009

Jameson's Preschool Christmas Party

Sutton was there, but he was more interested in playing with the kitchen
than hanging out with us for pictures.
Jameson & Grandma Neese
Note the tie...totally his idea.
(I was surprised at the request when I was getting him ready, but secretly I was yelling "yeah!")

Guess who frosted these cookies?!?

Singing Christmas Songs for Parents & Grandparents

Waiting...after it was all over the teacher said "we'll pray and then have our special snack" . Jameson said out loud,"That's it then?"
Even tonight, when I was praising his singing, he said it was too short.

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  1. That's darling! What a handsome little guy and I LOVE the tie! Eliot likes ties too and I'm pretty thrilled with that as well.


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