Sunday, March 21, 2010

A taste for exotic foods?

Meran came home from school a few weeks ago asking me to buy "chocolate spread". A few of her friends at school had been eating sandwiches made with this at lunch time and she wanted to try it. I knew just what she was talking about...Nutella! I'd had my own encounter with the creamy chocolatey hazelnut spread in Albania, some 15 years ago, while on a missions trip. The house where out team was staying was just down the street from a bakery (a.k.a a house that made bread and sold it). We'd buy a fresh loaf of warm french-type bread, run back to the house and spread Nutella over it! So good! Major carbo-load!
Meran isn't so sure if she is sold on it, after one sandwich. However, I was brought back to Albania when I licked the knife (after making the sandwich, ofcourse!).

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  1. I remember you broght me a jar back from Albania and yup is was goooooood! -Sarah


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