Saturday, March 13, 2010

Play Ball!

Today was Jameson's very first T-Ball game! Make that his very first "any" game! Jason and I were pondering the fact just the other day that we can't believe we have a boy that plays did this happen? When did he get so big? I know, I know, all parents think like this (all the time,I am finding out). When I was uploading the pictures on the computer that I took at his first game I was a bit surprised that I'd taken 28 pictures of a 45 minute game! He is just so darn boy-cute in his uniform. I feel as though I have been practicing for this for atleast 30+ years-having 2 younger brothers, and having put in my time at the ball field. Although, back then I mostly was interested in visiting the snack bar. Boy, has that changed! I didn't even sit down in the chair I brought. The game wasn't that intense, but between watching Jameson and keeping an eye on Sutton (who, by the way, picked up and ate a mystery orange candy off the ground and by the time I saw it is was too late! do antibacterial wipes work in the mouth???) who needs a chair!?
Here is a run down of the game.
Player's Number-#3
Position-(today) 3rd base & short stop
Player's favorite part of the game, when asked by coach/dad-"talking with his friends"


  1. oh my goodness...he is to die for in that uniform! so cute! can't wait to watch him in action! -love aunt lauren

  2. What a darling little guy! I can't believe how big our little guys are getting.


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