Sunday, March 21, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Addilyn Joy!

The Birthday Baby

Loving the gifts...and the sunglasses!
(she kept them on during most of the present opening)
Jameson giving Addi pointers on eating her mini bundt cake.

Alot of gifts for a little girl.

Mommy presenting the cake to the birthday princess.

Fancy & Girly Desserts!

The Cousins(note Sutton's arm resting on Addi's back!)

Baby Adawyn (as Jameson calls her) is 1 year old! Dustin & Lauren experienced another parental first this weekend, giving Addilyn a beautiful party in Lauren's parent's backyard. Friends, family, sunshine, pink, cakes and gifts! It was a lovely afternoon and we enjoyed very much celebrating the first year of this darling little sweetie that the Lord has blessed our family with!

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