Saturday, June 5, 2010

ER Trip #2...on His Birthday!!!

Cheetos are like Tylenol...they ease the pain

After 2 hours of crying he starts to be "Sutty" again.

We asked him where his boo-boo was and he pointed to his scar from his stitches.

My brave boy

I am too exhausted to blog about his day...but, today my sweet, wild, mischievous boy turned 2 years old! And to top off his good day, he did a bad thing~he touched the exhaust pipe of my dad's Bronco and received a 2nd degree burn on his left hand. I think this was WORSE than the stitches he received just 5 1/2 weeks ago. We took him to the Walk-in and they sent us to the ER at Children's Hospital. We will visit our pediatrician on Monday and she will refer us to a Burn Clinic if she sees fit. No way to spend a Birthday, that is for sure! I'll blog the fun part of his day after I have recovered from the trauma of watching him in pain! I would rather give birth again with no pain meds than have him feel the pain of a burn!!!!


  1. oh no! Not a fun birthday. : ( I hope it heals fast!

  2. Oh Britton!!! Gracie has burned her hands twice on the woodstove and it's so horrible because you know it hurts like heck and there' snothing you can do! I agree I think it's worse than stitches even though my kids have never had them but I don't think it hurts as bad.


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