Thursday, June 3, 2010

Meran's 8th BirthDAY

A Pedicure & Manicure

Pizza Lunch

Lounging by the Pool

The DQ Cake that she picked out

Birthday Presents

Blowing out 8 Candles

It is a little difficult for me to remember Meran's birth 8 years ago. But, i do remember a few things. Like, the Lakers game was on when I went into Labor. This kept Jason busy atleast.
I had brought the "new baby" a green and white gown to wear, since we kept the gender a surprise..."I will bring a girl or boy home in green & white gown" I told myself.
Yeah, right! Who has a little girl and doesn't want to deck her out in head to toe pink-just to shout to the world "I have a baby girl".
We were so much thinking that we were going to have a boy that when the midwife pulled Meran out she said, "Dad, what do we have?" and Jason said "it's a boy" and then the midwife said "no, it is a girl". He had been looking at the umbilical cord.

Now that we have Meran, our girl, I can't imagine life without her. She is kind, helpful, joyful and friendly. When you have a baby you sometimes think, this phase is so fun, babies are so cute and hope that they never grow up. But, I can attest that each year I just enjoy Meran more. I learn from her and we grow together...God uses our children to help stretch us into the person we are created to be.


  1. I loved what you said at the end of this post, so true!

  2. Wow!! Such a lovely birthday party. Liked this cute birthday girl. Last week threw my daughter a gingerbread themed birthday party at one nice venue New York. Arranged interesting gingerbread game for all children and everyone enjoyed the day.


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