Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Kids' Family Party

Regs & Sutt at the "Little Kid Table"
Yes, he did enjoy the ice cream...thanks for asking.
(it looks like a chocolate mustache & goat-ee)

Jameson & Taylor
Sutt is really into Construction Vehicles right now, so this made his week!

And obviously, this made their year!

Uncle Than, Jamers & the Goggle-Girls

5-8-2....when? how?
We had a little swimming & dinner at Grandma & Grandpa Neese's house last week to celebrate the 3 kids' birthdays with the Neese side. The picts yell ,"Yeah for summer!".


  1. yay! that looks so fun! love meran's dress...missing you guys! xoxox

  2. What a fun party for all three of your kids!! I can't believe how big those Neese cousins are getting. I remember Taylor at your wedding she was about a year old. wow!


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