Friday, February 4, 2011

1 Day till D-Day!

We just moved Sutton into a big boy bedroom 6 weeks ago...
I was thinking yesterday how today would be the last full day of Sutton being the "baby" of the family. I feel like this, about the youngest of each of my kids, whenever I am about to have another. I remember feeling almost guilty about it, concerning Meran, when I was about to have Jameson.
You think to yourself, "How can I have enough of myself for each child? How can I love another little person as much as I love this one?"
But, God swells your heart...making room, a new room, for the new child. Nothing changes(in your heart), except the amount of joy you have. God is good! It is a very small glimpse into the way God loves us, each individually, wanting the best for us....parenthood grows your walk with the Lord in many ways and insight is one of them.
So, today, I don't feel quite so sad for Sutton. Might also have something to do about him NOT wanting to be called baby (which i use often as a term of endearment). I will say, "Come on baby, let's go..." and he will reply, "Me no baby, me big boy Sutty!" (in a kinda deep, character-like voice).
Sutty-buddy....with your te-te(cozy blanky) and ah(pacifier)...welcome to the world of being a big brother. So glad you have a super one to look up to!

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  1. that was a really sweet post, britt. sutty will make a great big bro!


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