Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Baby's are born without necks...right?

So, the night we brought Bellen home from the hospital the kids were SO excited! They yelled "surprise!" when we walked in the door. We brought Bellen, in  her carseat, and set her on the floor so they could look at her. Jameson, in his sweet and innocent 5 year old voice says, "She doesn't have a neck yet, right?". He was trying to reason why it looked like her baby head was just resting on her tiny shoulders, since she couldn't hold it up yet. We got a BIG kick out of it!
Today, this outfit Bellen is wearing reminded me of Jameson's statement. I purchased it from Gymboree, for a couple reasons...
1. it was dirt cheap and i love a deal!
2. it was something other than pink and the girl has got a LOT of pink in her closet
3. i made this really cute hair accessory to go with it
However, it brings back Jameson's question of the baby with no neck. Why would someone make a "turtleneck" for a baby? Oh well, she looks cute and atleast her chin will be warm! And, no, I don't make her wear a headband to take a nap...I just did it for the picture.:)

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  1. Hey Neese Family! This is Heather Wood. I found your blog through Heidi Holguin's blog. This blog cracked me up because I was just asking Chris today why they make turtlenecks for babies. It didn't make a lot of sense to me either! :)


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