Monday, January 19, 2015

Weekend update

Remember on Saturday Night Live, the "weekend update" portion of the show? That was funny. I religiously watched Saturday Night Live back in my 20's...especially in my college years. You know, back when I could stay up til 1 am and not pay for it all day long the next day. No biggie. It was "no biggie" perhaps, because I had no one else to take care of and my days were my own. I like to call that time period "the selfish years". (Snicker-snicker)
I digress. Anyway, back to this weekend. This "weekend update" isn't funny, but our weekend was sooo relaxing and enjoyable. We had a night out for Jason's work party, spent time with dear friends and got to stay at home a lot...that's a real treat:). We ended the weekend today at the beach, visiting the Pacific Beach Tidepools. Any weekend ending with the beach is pretty fab in my eyes. ;)

                                      Too Tall;)

                                           Too short!

                          Baby Bad-guys

                       Old friends...all grown up

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