Monday, May 18, 2015

Weekend Trip & Scan Results

We ran up to Visalia for just over 36 hours this weekend. Short but sweet. Boy, did we pack it in! We went to love on and be loved. Our former home, where our heartstrings still have roots.
The girl who first made me an Aunt, and Jason an Uncle, graduated from high school! How can this be? 
You are so sweet, heart so big, spirit so joyful. We love you and excitedly watch as God's plan for your life continues to unfold!

We also celebrated the Neese spring & early summer birthdays!

And just had fun being with family & friends!

Along with the fun memories, we also brought home a stomach bug.:( Totally unwelcome here since we just recovered from the other virus. So, because of sick kids I had to cancel my Dr appt. Thankfully,  the nurse let me know my scan results over the phone. Praise God nothing has changed! The same spots remain, but have not grown, so I'm relieved & thankful. Honestly, I have been so tired, I was expecting a tiny bit of bad news. I think I do that as a safety mechanism, so I'm prepared if bad news comes. Is that a "lack of trust" issue? I'm working that out in my soul. I'll keep you posted.
But, most likely I'm tired because I've been on almost-constant oral chemotherapy for nearly 8 months, and I keep doing what I want and need to do. When fatigue creeps up, I like to say, "ain't nobody got time for that!";) There is too much life to live!

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