Sunday, May 31, 2015

Boy "Cousins"

So far, (hint, hint) Jason & I have produced the only male grandchildren on both sides. My boys are CRAZY about their girl cousins (all 9 of them), and no doubt, my boys are better people for them being in their lives. But, sometimes boys just need to be with other boys (see picture above:). Lucky for us (purely a saying because I don't believe in "luck":)), one of my sisters-in-law has a twin sister (who I consider my sis-in-law too) that has 3 boys! And these handsomes are my boys' "boy cousins". Colton joined us for a few days in SD last week and we all loved having a 5th kid for the time! Lots of ball playing, baseball card looking and Lego playing took place over the course of 4 1/2 days. He also helped the boys break in their new kayaks they got for their birthdays. I love watching boys be boys!

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