Monday, November 9, 2015

Scan Update

The grey sky outside depicts exactly how I'm feeling right now. I finally got my scan results and it looks like there has been progression in my disease. This threw me for a loop since I've been feeling so good...but should I expect anything less from crappy cancer? In a few weeks I will be following up with my natural MD, to see how the treatment from Greece worked, but I'm completely convinced it did nothing, except maybe grow the cancer, from these scan results. Very frustrating. 
I'll meet with my oncologist Monday and will have a better understanding of exactly where it's growing, but from what I read and think I understand, it's spread from one of my ribs to another bone, a few lymph nodes, as well as the pelvic area, which they said is unchanged from last scan, but we (us and my DR.) didn't even know about.
No doubt treatment will change.
Prayers appreciated because I do not have the strength or words to pray for myself right now.


  1. Britton - My heart is heavy reading these words. I am praying for complete healing. Praying Jehovah Rapha will do a work in you that can only come from Him. My eyes are full of tears, as I wish I was closer to just give you a big hug.

    I saw this quote yesterday and it made me think of you. " God is the best listener. You don't need to shout nor cry out loud, because he hears even the silent prayer of a sincere heart."

    There are so many praying for you, and I hope you find true comfort in that. Let others hold you up, when you can no longer stand.

    I love you Britton, and am praying consistently for you! Denise (Hicks) Adams

    This is up in Santa Barbara. Didn't know if you heard of them. Just another one of the many options I'm sure everyone is sharing with you. Praying for your miracle right now.


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