Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Hali'a aloha

Fond memories were made last week in O'ahu. We spent the week with both my brothers and their families, along with my parents, who generously made it all happen! What is it about being on the islands? Is it the perfect breeze, the smell of the ocean and air, the gorgeous landscape, the friendly, laid back people, the sunshine (which feels completely different then it does here in CA). Perhaps it's all of them together, coupled with being there with my favorite people? 
A week hardly seems enough time, although I'm very aware it's more time them some get at all. We are never ready to leave, and the 6 of us took turns for 2 days after returning, saying, "I miss Hawaii" or "I wish we were in Hawaii still". Spoiled? Perhaps.... But also very, very thankful and full of gratitude that we got to have this week. No appointments, no tests, no shots, no homework (ok, kids did some on the plane ride each way;), no work...and we got to spend all day together, every day. Pretty much my idea of paradise, this side of true paradise.
Mahalo mom and dad for the vacation. Mahalo Jesus, for giving us another year to be together, to make Hawaiian memories.

A visit to the North Shore/Turtle Bay~
The Pool~

The Beach~

Adventures to Diamond head...
And Hanauma Bay~

Lots of treats~

More Beach~

And tourist stuff....

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