Sunday, February 14, 2010

El Capitan Canyon

"The Meeting Place"

Our Cabin (to the left)

One of the 2 bedrooms in our cabin

Takin' a Stroll

Jameson, taking some of his new friends on an adventure

Jameson & one the girls had the same know he thought that was cool!

A Valentine's Day Hug

Walking to the Beach for Church
(well, some of us got a ride)

Watching a Sea Otter, Sportin' the camp tees we made at craft time.

An incomplete Family Photo...we missed Sutty!

So, 3 years ago Jason was referred by a friend to speak at a camp in El Capitan...15 miles or so north of Santa Barbara. The camp is about 30 youth, 6th-12th graders, from Rancho Santa Margarita's St. John's Episcopal Church. The connection was made and he has been invited back 3 years in a row...with next year booked too, making it the 4th! The youth group and its leaders are so welcoming and warm, it is truly a delightful experience each time! We have learned much from being with this type of believer. They are rich in tradition and liturgy, which is not something either Jason or I have been exposed to much.
The first year it was just Jason and myself (Sutton was in tow, but not yet born).
The second year it was Jason, myself and Sutton(who had to come along for meal purposes).
This year, it was Jason, myself, Meran & Jameson...we left a very busy Sutton with Grandma & Grandpa Neese, so I could actually sit in some of the services and activities!
Next year we are planning on taking everyone!
Besides the beautiful surroundings and accommodations, the company and spiritual renewal are refreshing. We are very thankful to have this experience and enjoy this "perk" of ministry!
To check out more on this fabulous luxury camping experience check out the website:

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