Sunday, February 7, 2010

SuperBowl Sunday

"Why is Jameson watching hungrily as Meran plays in powdered sugar?" you ask.

"What is that delicious morsel Sutton is tasting?", you wonder.

"What is making Meran so giddy?" you ponder.

It is Ollie Bollen time! Linda makes these dutch donut-like treats a few times a year, on special occasions. For instance, New Years and Super Bowl. They are warm & doughy on the inside and sweet & crunchy on the outside. This year Meran helped her Grandma Neese get the dough ready to fry. She is a girl after my own heart...loves to be baking and in the kitchen. I got my joy of baking from my mom and my Nanny.

Jason found this old school Donkey-Kong arcade game in his office. Sutton thinks he is a big boy, playing video games like Jameson & Meran on Meran's Nintendo DSi. Reagan will be asking for one for her birthday most likely. I have noticed what a pull video games have on children!
Jameson is constantly talking about or re-enacting Super Mario Bros. I'll post his Custom made Valentine's Card, a friend of mine created, later on. It is hilarious...5 words:

Jameson is a Mario Brother

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