Sunday, February 28, 2010


The kids' school was playing the new Veggie Tales Movie, Pistachio, on it DVD Premier day. It was free and the day was rainy, and Jameson LOVES talking, ofcourse we went. Sutton lasted about 5 minutes (thank you Jason for taking him out!). Meran, Jameson and I found it very entertaining! I am so glad that I find humor in the same things my kids do!
We had a fun Saturday morning family outing. Meran even won a giveaway at the end of the showing!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things...

Yippee!I love birthdays...a chance to do all your favorite things all day long, or all week if you see fit! The picture above is the new 2010 Chevy Tahoe I got this week (ha-ha)~rental car that is!
My car is in the shop getting some much needed body work done after someone rear-ended me. But, I did get this fabulous car to drive all week! A girl can pretend, right?! The Birthday began with a good gym work out and an iced coffee. Not many better ways to start a day!
Then, I got a facial and a pedicure! (this shows the pedicure part...not the facial:)!

We went to dinner at Red Robin (mostly cus my kids like it)...even though they wanted to go to Chuck E. Cheese (not a chance!)

We got a cute little Ice Cream Cake from BaskinRobbins.
Everyone wanted the flower, but I took it for myself because today
it is okay to be indulgent, right?
The delicate cake with delectable Chocolate Cake & Mint Chip Ice Cream.
It looks small, but we each had a piece with 2 pieces left over!

My really cute cards, a $50 Starbucks gift card (should last about 2 months;)
Still to come...Jason is taking me away for the night~dinner, shopping, movie, SLEEPING IN!!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


It seems the older you get the more heartbreak you hear of. Recently, it seems that I have heard of several people walking thru a dark valley...the death of their child. I think every parent fears this. I know where my children would be and that ultimately they are the Lord's. But, it seems a dark, lonely, scary road to have to walk down. One that seems to have no end of deep pain.
Tonight I was working on a Dinosaur report with Meran. I decided to capture this simple and ordinary task of her 2nd grade life. I am SO grateful for the children the Lord has given me. I am so grateful that the Lord has given them health. I hope I remember those who have lost theirs, so in those times when I am tired, grumpy or short-tempered, I can see the big picture...I have them with me.
I read this verse on a blog of a parent that had lost their baby boy at 99 days old. It reveals much about their heart. I hope to keep my heart in this condition.
Job 1:21 (paraphrased)
The Lord gave. The Lord took.
Blessed be the name of the Lord.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Early Celebration

My mom had a little birthday celebration for me this year! It was so much fun! On Saturday afternoon, Phoebe, Karin, Robyn, my mom and I went up to Fresno for shopping, dinner at PF Chang's and dessert at The Cheesecake Factory! She even gave us party was very thoughtful and a wonderfully memorable time! As you can see from the back of my mom's car we did some heavy shopping therapy! Turning 35 is AWESOME!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Birthday Party #2 of 3

Saturday we celebrated Ella's 3rd birthday...
The kids got to make a Build-a-Bear and eat McDonald's at the Food Court, which they thought was the coolest! Ella had this amazing My Little Pony cake (to go with the theme, ofcourse!). Not only was it adorable, it was also delicious! My girlfriends are setting the birthday party bar high this year! Gulp!:)

Friday, February 19, 2010

Birthday Party #1 of 3

owen, kenna & sutton hoping tori breaks the pinata
reagan sportin' her ponies, enjoying her cupcake


February is a busy birthday month! I have had several friends celebrate their bdays, mine is still to come and now this weekend the kids have 3 birthday parties to attend. Today was Kaden's 3rd Birthday~It was McQueen themed at the park. Karin pulled out all the stops: Lunch, lots of themed goodies, cupcakes, a pinata, and hulahoops & giant cookies for the party favors. I have said this before, but I am going to say it again...I think the mom has the most fun planning the party! (atleast speaking for myself!) It was a grand time! Tomorrow is Ella's 3rd Birthday...

Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Little Bagel with the Cream Cheese...

This morning, after Jason took the older 2 to school, Sutton decided he wanted a bagel too! Meran and Jameson had had one and he thought it looked good. Nevermind that he'd already had peaches, some cheese and waffles. I made him a half of a bagel and soon realized what he really meant was "can i please have some cream cheese?". He only uses the bagel as the holding device. He proceeded to eat off as much of the creamy goodness as he could until, alas, he had to resort to his fingers. Though, he didn't seem to mind!
Like Meran, Sutton is a child after his father's heart(or should I say stomach?)! You can never have too much cheese or too much butter!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

El Capitan Canyon

"The Meeting Place"

Our Cabin (to the left)

One of the 2 bedrooms in our cabin

Takin' a Stroll

Jameson, taking some of his new friends on an adventure

Jameson & one the girls had the same know he thought that was cool!

A Valentine's Day Hug

Walking to the Beach for Church
(well, some of us got a ride)

Watching a Sea Otter, Sportin' the camp tees we made at craft time.

An incomplete Family Photo...we missed Sutty!

So, 3 years ago Jason was referred by a friend to speak at a camp in El Capitan...15 miles or so north of Santa Barbara. The camp is about 30 youth, 6th-12th graders, from Rancho Santa Margarita's St. John's Episcopal Church. The connection was made and he has been invited back 3 years in a row...with next year booked too, making it the 4th! The youth group and its leaders are so welcoming and warm, it is truly a delightful experience each time! We have learned much from being with this type of believer. They are rich in tradition and liturgy, which is not something either Jason or I have been exposed to much.
The first year it was just Jason and myself (Sutton was in tow, but not yet born).
The second year it was Jason, myself and Sutton(who had to come along for meal purposes).
This year, it was Jason, myself, Meran & Jameson...we left a very busy Sutton with Grandma & Grandpa Neese, so I could actually sit in some of the services and activities!
Next year we are planning on taking everyone!
Besides the beautiful surroundings and accommodations, the company and spiritual renewal are refreshing. We are very thankful to have this experience and enjoy this "perk" of ministry!
To check out more on this fabulous luxury camping experience check out the website:

Friday, February 12, 2010

Tulare Ag Show

Every year Central Valley Christian School has one day off mid-February for "Farm Show Day". The Farm Show is a 3 Day event that happens in neighboring Tulare where farmers and exhibitors come from all over the world! Coming from Orange County, this seemed funny when I heard this! But, I have come to enjoy and appreciate things of this nature...especially with kids~they love it! We met up with the Saltzmans and cruised a small portion of the Show.

Our favorite section is the John Deere Exhibit. The boys were sporting their green & yellow. The companies employees are very patient and kind to allow small children to climb up into their very large, very expensive machinery and pretend to drive them!

We stopped by the CVC ice cream booth for an ice cream bar to support our school and then called it a day!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

SuperBowl Sunday

"Why is Jameson watching hungrily as Meran plays in powdered sugar?" you ask.

"What is that delicious morsel Sutton is tasting?", you wonder.

"What is making Meran so giddy?" you ponder.

It is Ollie Bollen time! Linda makes these dutch donut-like treats a few times a year, on special occasions. For instance, New Years and Super Bowl. They are warm & doughy on the inside and sweet & crunchy on the outside. This year Meran helped her Grandma Neese get the dough ready to fry. She is a girl after my own heart...loves to be baking and in the kitchen. I got my joy of baking from my mom and my Nanny.

Jason found this old school Donkey-Kong arcade game in his office. Sutton thinks he is a big boy, playing video games like Jameson & Meran on Meran's Nintendo DSi. Reagan will be asking for one for her birthday most likely. I have noticed what a pull video games have on children!
Jameson is constantly talking about or re-enacting Super Mario Bros. I'll post his Custom made Valentine's Card, a friend of mine created, later on. It is hilarious...5 words:

Jameson is a Mario Brother

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Foggy Day Schedule


Sister, the Little Mommy

Wednesday was foggy day schedule for school. We haven't had many this school year, so when we have them they are a treat! School didn't begin until 11:15am so we enjoyed a relaxing morning. The kids hung out in their pj's for awhile, I made a big "Saturday- Style" breakfast and we enjoyed each other's company. I am so thankful they play so well together, for the most part. Meran read to the boys awhile. Later, Jameson was playing/fighting with his batman sword and he said it was his "big stick".
I said, "Are you Pharoah, with your big stick?"
Meran (who he was pretending to beat) said, "What, then, am I an Egyptian?"
Someone knows their old testament story!

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