Friday, March 2, 2012

An amazing thing happened today...

Jason and I walked to Panera this morning. That wasn't the amazing thing. We try to do this every Friday before he heads to work...a walk and coffee. As we got up and were getting the little ones settled in the jogger stroller, a teenage girl approached us. She had about 3 girlfriends with her, and one of them had a boyfriend. I assume they were walking to High Tech High (the high school here in Liberty Station), after getting breakfast at Panera.
She said (with tears in her eyes), "I just wanted to tell you that you are beautiful".
I figured she knew someone with cancer and she could tell that I was bald under my beanie.
I pointed to my head, "You know someone with cancer?"
She shook her head, "My mom had cancer". Her eyes started to brim over with tears.
"Oh" I said sympathetically, "did she pass away?"
She shook her head yes.
"Can I give you a hug?" she said.
I grabbed her and held her tight.
I whispered into her ear how brave she was and how I know how hard it is, what she has gone and still going through, but that she will be so strong from it.
We kept hugging, and as I looked up I noticed that all her friends were wiping their eyes.
I thanked her for making my day and we went our separate ways.
I told Jason afterwards that I wish I would have asked for her number.
The mother in me wanted to protect her from the pain she was feeling. There is no way that I could even come close to replacing her mother. And she doesn't even want that, I am sure. But I wanted to reassure her...about what, I am not completely sure. I just want to love on her. What a brave girl. What an insightful person she has become because of the pain she has been through with the loss of her mother to cancer.
I pray that I will see this girl again. And this time I won't let her get away;)!


  1. Britton - Thank you for sharing. That truly made me cry.

    You are so beautiful inside and out, and I am sure that you made a true difference in this young girls life.

    Praying for you!

    LOve and hugs,


  2. Brit, what a unique place God has put you in. How good this tough providence of His is! Today I was reading about Joseph and how many good things came from tough things that God ordained. I am praying for the motherless today. Love you. -s

  3. Sarah-thank you for your wise & encouraging words.I am going to read about Joseph...I need that reminder. :) love you, b


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