Tuesday, March 20, 2012

One of the best days...

...was this past Friday. The kids had no school, due to a Math Event that was being hosted at school. We were determined to make the most of the day! What to do?? Or, should I say, what not to do?? There were so many choices. We decided to pack a lunch and head out...on foot/bikes, ofcourse:). I am guessing we covered about 10 miles-which is alot when you have half a dozen people and more than half under the age of 10! We stopped at a playground and the beach on our way. It was definitely a "near perfect" day.
Bellen really wanted to touch the baby lobster we found.

Meran & Jameson found a crab and a lobster...don't worry, we put them back where we found them.
Looking for more marine life

She is on the verge of walking

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