Sunday, March 18, 2012

Daddy & Daughter Date Night

Jason took Meran on a "date" Thursday night. She was so excited! Jason planned it all and surprised her. They ate at Island's (one of her favorites) and then walked around downtown La Jolla. There are Sea Lions that hang out by the water in La Jolla. Meran, being the animal lover that she is, begged her dad to take a pup home. She told him that she  knew that I wouldn't mind and that the Sea Lion pup could stay in the bathtub in our bathroom. It really cracked me up that she really thought she could talk her dad into taking the animal home! They ended the night with dessert at a fancy restaurant, where they ordered "mint chocolate chip lava cake". Meran was VERY impressed that her dad had called ahead and "reserved" the best seat for them. The whole night made quite an impression on her...which is the intention of "daddy date night"-setting a high expectation for her when she begins dating (which will be here before we know it, but not too soon:). Just like my dad did with me.

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