Thursday, May 22, 2014

Annual Rock Academy Awards

One more event to conclude the last week of school....the annual awards night.
This is a special night out with the older two, leaving Sutton & Bellen with a sitter. We attend the awards and celebrate after the ceremony with dessert out. 
There are only about 9 categories and one student per class receives an award in each category, so not everyone gets an award. This CAN pose a problem if you are a multiple child family and not every child receives an award. We have been in the position in the past... Happy for one kid, heart breaking for the other. Awkward indeed! However, tonight was one of 2 joyful celebrations! (Whew!)
Both Meran and Jameson were called forward! 
Jameson received the "heart and soul" award. It goes to the students who earned honorable mention from the faculty and are considered outstanding in many areas (Proverbs 2:10)
Meran received the "warrior" award. This award is given to the top students who represent all of the qualities desired in a rock warrior-academic excellence, spiritual leadership, positive social engagement and physical fitness (Luke 2:52)
A great way to finish the school year! Now, for the end-of-the-year school carnival tomorrow and then we can officially welcome summer!!! Lazy mornings, days at the beach, walks to the park, trips to library, swimming, BBQ-ing, vacations....yippee!!

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