Friday, May 30, 2014

Thoracentesis:a procedure to remove fluid from...

The space between the lining of the outside of the lungs and the wall of the chest.

Well it's done. The Pulmonologist, Dr. Marisa Magana was great. A young mother of almost 2 kids. She was practical and calm. Had to wait quite a while for her to arrive, so thank you for the continued prayers all morning long:). She numbed the area around my left ribs, in the back, put a catheter in and then a needle that resembled a "harpoon" in Jason's words;). Lol
It was fairly painless and took about 30 minutes to draw about 1000ml= about 1quart of fluid. Ofcourse I wanted to see it. Yuck, but cool at the same time. I then was taken for a chest X-ray to be sure no damage to the lung was done. Everyone at ucsd is so friendly and personable. I love finding out about them, do they have kids? Where did they go to school and grow up? It makes the experience much less sterile and "hospital-ly".
I was able to breathe deeply right after, without the "stuffy" feeling but, as expected, am a bit sore and kinda feel like my left lung gets stuck to my chest wall when I breathe. It should work it self out in a bit. 
Now the fluid is tested and sent to pathology. Should hear from the Pulmonologist next week sometime. Please pray for an "easy fix" infection. And if it is cancer, we will be believing and trusting God for complete healing! He is so faithful. All the time. 
Now, off to Palm Springs to our church's marriage retreat and to celebrate being married to my BFF for 15 years!

Ps I slept great last night, with no anxiousness, thanks to all the prayers...gracias!

Thanks to the Rock Marriage Retreat Staff for spoiling us!


  1. Enjoy your time away! Love you guys! Continuing to pray for you!

  2. Praying for you Britton. God's hand is upon you , he will guide you through this.


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