Monday, May 19, 2014

Step of Faith

I remember my own baptism like it was just last week. Pulling up to the cove at Corona Del Mar in our family's blue station wagon, with my best friend Amanda riding next to me. Excitement and anticipation as I make an outward expression of my inward commitment of following Jesus all the days of my life. Fast forward 27 years later...tonight we drove in our family's blue SUV to the cove at Mission Bay. My (two weeks from being)12 year old daughter is making her own outward expression of her faith in Jesus Christ. Jason got to baptize her, being a Pastor at our church. Proud dad to say the least. He actually wanted to have a party after her baptism, he was so excited. Meran wanted to keep it simple though, hitting up frozen yogurt with a few friends and family afterwards.
"These are the good ol' days" quote my hubby (who I'm sure was quoting someone else). Soaking it in. Witnessing my kids as they grown in their journey with Jesus. Teaching me as they learn. 

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