Monday, August 18, 2014


So apparently, I'm not a very generous person. Ouch. The truth hurts. I am learning all kinds of new things on this journey o' mine, and one of them is that people, my people (friends/family), are SUPER generous. It's caused me to self reflect and think, "would I do that?". When I'm not quick to answer "yes", I am disappointed. But, I know that I am clay...being molded, dried, cracked again, melted down and re-molded as needed. This time, through the fire, the Potter is helping me to learn to be generous. For that grace I am thankful.
Today I received a letter from an elementary aged girl from near Visalia. She is in 4H and raised and sold a lamb at the fair. The people who purchased her lamb from her were "very generous" to her and she felt that she wanted to pay it forward. She heard about me and our family and gifted us some money.
Lesson learned.

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