Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Full Plate, Full Heart

I must apologize for my temporary hiatus...From November-January it seems, somehow, that time accelerates and activities multiply! We had a full and fun Thanksgiving week. Lots of house guests and we hosted Thanksgiving day as well. We hosted, but my mom still did all the cooking (aside from the pies my aunt & sis-in-law made). Okaaaay, I did the appetizers and table settings;),
As soon as we finished cleaning up and put away, the day after thanksgiving, we busted out our Christmas decorations! Jason went to town with the lights! 
The Monday before Thanksgiving I had my monthly oncology appointment. We reviewed the results of my cell profiling. There is a drug that will be fda approved by March that targets part of my type of cancer and for the other part of it, there is a clinical trial available. For now, the xeloda seems to be working and I'll continue on it. But it feels good to have options if or when this drug no longer does its job. 
I also had bloodwork done and it all came back normal. This is a huge praise! AND my tumor marker went down 1 point:). Slow and steady wins the race, right? I prayed that it would either stay the same or go down... Thanking God for answering that prayer. I'll have my next scans Dec 15. For now, I'm enjoying my full plate of activities, Christmas preparations and my 4 kids, who love this time of year....all which give me a full heart!
Here are a few snap shots of Thanksgiving week:

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