Monday, December 15, 2014

Good News, Great Joy!

Okay, I totally stole the words for this post boys had their elementary christmas performance a week ago and one of the songs from it is trapped in my head! I can really only recall a few words from this catchy tune...and they are oh so appropriate for this day! The song, of course, is referring to the good news and great joy of the birth of Christ. For me, today, it's the kindness and goodness God has shown me. 
Today was my pet and ct scans. I also had my monthly bloodwork. Dan, my former chemo nurse, was spot on with the IV start (he had to actually try 2x and was frustrated at himself for that:).
"Thank you Jesus that Dan was working today"
"Thank you Jesus for a quick and successful vein access"
My scans went well. I'll go over the results at my appointment Tuesday with my Doctor. Shortly after, I received my bloodwork. (This is where I start singing , "good news, great joy!")
My bloodwork was good. But the best part was that my CA153, the blood test that is used as a tumor marker (level of cancer I guess it could be called in laymen's terms) had gone down from 43 to 35 in just one month!
"Thank you Jesus that the chemo Is working"
This truly is a gift from Him. I know that things can change anytime, and it's completely out of my control. But my heart swells with gratitude at His goodness and the gift of health and energy that He has given me right now. 

And my soul shall be joyful in the Lord....Psalm 35:9a


  1. Good Morning Britton! Praying for you continuously! Praying your appt. on Tuesday went well. Sending you big love and hugs! Denise (Hicks) Adams

  2. Praising God with you for this good news!

  3. So glad to hear this good news! Continuing to pray for you! ♡

  4. This is such a wonderful, encouraging post! You are constantly in my thoughts. Keep up the determination, graciousness, and loving acceptance of this challenge. You will prevail.



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