Saturday, March 7, 2015

Fellow Warriors

During my first time around on this thing I met two incredible ladies. God orchestrated our friendships out of His goodness, knowing I would need a few ears to listen and mouths to speak to me, that were in the fight currently. Just as with anything, it takes one to know one. And for the 3 of us, this provided tremendous comfort in a special way. 
Stacie fought Breast cancer while pregnant. I met her in my Doctor's office. It's not every day that you see a bald, scarf-wearing pregnant lady. 
A few weeks later, in Target, I met Dana. Again, not every day you run into another mom who is around your age, having no hair, a toddler in tow. 
Then, shortly afterwards, they met each other at their common acupuncturist ! What?! It was totally God ordained and the holy spirit's prompting. 
They have been great support these past 3 years. 

A few months ago these girls told me that they wanted to host a fundraiser for me, to raise money for my hyperbaric oxygen therapy, that insurance will not pay for, because it's not considered treatment for breast cancer. I know that this treatment has been key in helping me feel energized and possibly kicking this thing down. Stacie did hbot when she was going thru treatment in 2012 and is the one who told me about it. I'm so thankful she did!

These girls are amazing, they both have families, businesses and other commitments, and yet put this whole evening together, as a blessing to me. It was overwhelming! It was mostly all their generous friends, who don't even know me, coming to support me in my road to recovery. Thank you Stacie and Dana. You hold a special place in my life and you help me fight so hard, because you know what it's like. I feel undeserving of such kindness, but you give me strength on this journey!

                        "The Britton" swim suit 

Dana has started a company called Hula Belle. It's geared toward helping women feel confident, when "the girls" aren't normal(my words:). Beautiful! She has named a style after myself and one after Stacie.

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