Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Remarkably Unremarkable

We met with Dr. H today to review my scans. I had a feeling that it would be a positive meeting considering, apart from the slight fatigue and hand/feet soreness, I'm feeling pretty darn good!
Both the Pet and Ct scans confirmed that the chemo is having a great affect on the cancer! I've been on the oral chemo 5 months now and today was pay day for that! The words used by the scan diagnostic findings were "unremarkable". I've never in my life been sooooo thrilled to be told I'm unremarkable!:) Well, okay, it's not saying I'm unremarkable, but rather that almost all the places where there were traces of cancer are no more! My oncologist said there are just 1 or 2 spots that lit up on the scan. But nothing new and a definite decrease in lit up spots from my previous scans. My tumor marker went down .3, making it 21.5...And while that's down just a smidge, any decrease is positive! 
I'll continue on my chemo for one more cycle atleast, and then we'll discuss what I'll do from there. It might mean staying on chemo (which may sound a bit crazy) or possibly switching to another medicine. I definitely want to continue with the scans. While they do not show everything (remember in October, the negative surprise when my ovaries were removed and an internal camera picked up cancer cells blanketing the outside of some of my stomach & liver? Stupid sneaky bad cells) they are pretty helpful.
Will my cancer ever be fully in remission? Technically metastatic cancer does not go into remission. But thankfully I serve a God that doesn't work on technicalities! If He sees it best for me to be completely healed, then I will be completely healed. If He sees it best that I live with cancer until the day I go to be with Him, then it will be. Honestly, today, my heart is overwhelmed with His abundant mercies. He has answered prayers for healing. He has given me more than I ever deserve. 
My heart danced with joy when we presented the kids with pink balloons after school, in celebration of God's love and mercies and great kindness in giving us this gift of good news. 


  1. I faithfully read your blog and pray for you. I love being able to keep up with you, J + the kids and see adorable picture. This post brought tears to my eyes and joy in my heart! Our God is so good!! xoxo

  2. Such great news Britton! You are in my thoughts and prayers!


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