Monday, June 1, 2015

16 Years and Counting

This past Saturday was our 16th wedding anniversary. I can remember feeling like a ten year anniversary was light years away after first getting married. It's funny, the saying, "time flies when you're having fun", definitely applies when I think about my life with Jason. Obviously, not everything is fun in our life and marriage, and by no means is our marriage perfect. But that is the beauty of it. We know how flawed we are as individuals, in turn making our relationship flawed. So, we rely on Christ's refining and roll up our sleeves and do the work. Believe me, we have messed up plenty in our relationship, because we are both sinners, striving for Christ-likeness in this journey. But our imperfections are what makes us better...because if we had it all together, where then could we grow? Which would mean we were stagnant, and we all know how boring stagnant is!
So, we celebrate our 16 years of trial and error and love and laughter. I love being married to my best friend who is very very patient and gracious with me. He knows my love languages and serves me, in love, accordingly. Thank you, Jason, for choosing me to do life with...I love it. And I love you. More.

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  1. So thankful I was able to be there and share this special day with you 16 short years ago! May you have many, many more blessed years together. Big hugs and lots of love! Denise (Hicks) Adams


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