Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Since I mostly keep this blog as a memory-keeper for my children, I'm gonna dump some pictures of what we have been spending our time doing these last few way-too-fast weeks of summer.

    Big kids flew to Visalia for a week...first time flying solo!

    Sutton attended a golf camp with Addi (that glove, right?)

    We celebrated our favorite, bestest guy ever!

    Air & Space Museum (yeah for free museums on Tuesdays:)

    Coronado with Cousins

    San Diego Fair (formerly Del Mar fair...which we think sounds way cooler;)

   Trying on Princess shoes and wishin' mom would buy them 

    Braces for this one!!

    Celebrating the love & marriage of Leah & Griffin

    And last, but not least, lots of swimming!

    Cheers to the summer...we love you, please stay forever.

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