Tuesday, June 16, 2015

A Year Later

Last year at this time we were still digesting our new normal. The news that my cancer was still there and had moved to new parts of my body, totally unwelcomed and unexpected. (Isn't that so like cancer, it literally has no manners)
Yes, I've lived one year with metastatic breast cancer! One year down and lots to go (Lord willing)! I have cancer, but it does not have me. This year, as I have said before, has possibly been the richest, most full year yet for our family. The reality of how precious each day is, though it may seem so cliche, has been so very real. And yet, even in this reality, I still manage to slip into myself and get hung up on things that DO NOT matter from time to time (Isn't that so "fleshly" of me).
God's provision, both material and spiritual has been enough. Just as He promises. I love that about Him. His consistency. No matter how we act, or what situation arises, He remains the same. Loving, caring, patient, faithful, giving of His mercies...new every morning (Lamentations 3:23).
This marathon (not a sprint) is so much easier to run with all of my cheerleaders (you). Thank you for every card, every donation, every prayer, every everything! There is No way I could have continued in my oxygen therapy several times a week without your support. Thank you doesn't even seem sufficient. But, it will have to do...for now;). 
I honestly didn't know what life would look like last year at this time, and I have to say, I'm pleased and very, very grateful.

Currently enjoying our summer doing this...

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