Sunday, June 7, 2015

Teen Time

You never think it's going to happen, the teen years, when you become a parent. Yes, we were there when you were born...and all 9 months I carried you! We watched you take your first step, heard your first words. We put money under your pillow when you lost your first tooth...and each one after that.  Your dad and I took you to your first day of school, and dropped you off for your first summer camp several years later. We saw you face the hard so bravely in moving away from the only life you knew, when relocated to SoCal, and be resilient as we gave you the hard news of my cancer. We have watched your spiritual life flourish, heard your prayers, saw them answered, dad baptized you, we supported you as you took your purity vow....and then again renew it this year. We knew you were growing. We saw it, we heard it, we felt it. But, somehow, it doesn't seem are a teenager! What does that mean anyway? ;) it's just a number really. Kind of like 40 is just a number. No biggie. But, it's a reminder that you are on loan to us from God. You won't always be "with" us, but for these years that you are, you have been and are a gift to us. 
You made us parents.
You took us from a "couple" to a "family".
You make us a humble way, not in a puffed up way.
You have made us, now, parents of a teen. 
Meran, we love you. We love that you love Jesus. You are a great big sister to the 3 younger ones that watch you as you navigate through life. 
Happy 13th Birthday to our beautiful, both inside and out, girl.

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