Friday, May 21, 2010

The Boys' Birthday Party

My friend Mary creates cute invites...
Happy about the white cupcake

Happy about the chocolate cupcake

No, he didn't like the giant bouncy mat!


Birthday Brothers

Today we celebrated Jameson's 5th & Sutton's 2nd Birthday at The Little Gym, with a party.

"Didn't I just have a birthday party yesterday for Meran?" you ask.

"Why yes, yes I did." I answer, slightly winded.

"Didn't you say you weren't going to do a bunch-o-parties again?" you reply.

"I did say that, but then a new year came, and I got caught up in the excitement of celebrating my children!" I say, not one bit ashamed.

Now, back to the birthday party...

It was mostly boys, with a few of our girlie-but-tough girlfriends and mostly Jameson's friends. But none of that mattered. The kids had a great know how I can tell? Jameson was super sweat-y and Sutton was really quiet on the way home (sleepy baby!).

They jumped, bounced, ran, threw balls and laughed. We ate delicious baseball cupcakes, opened gifts, and (my personal favorite again) left the mess behind.

Now, next year I am thinking of....(stay tuned)

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  1. Hope the boys had a fun time! I remember you coming to visit after Chloe was born and you were about to pop with Sutton. Time flies!


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