Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Our first ER Trip...

Nothing a McD's French Fry can't fix!

Ketsup on his thumb doesn't make Sutt happy!

Just a few hours later...almost like he forgot that it happened.

Tough Little Guy.

So, it was Thursday. My day with just Sutton. We had been to the gym, starbucks (at Sutton's request) and had arrived at Kohl's. He was being a good boy, staying close and listening and we were just about to leave when "it" happened. Sutton saw a rounder of sunglasses on display. Excitedly he yelled,"mama, mama" and ran toward them (probably to try them on). His sneaker got stuck on the tile and he fell smack into the display table. I rushed over to him and picked him up and instantly knew he'd need stitches. He has a gash about 1 & 1/2 inches long above his left eyebrow. He was a bloody mess and not happy. I ran to the chair that was outside the fitting room so I could gather my thoughts and stop the bleeding. A wonderful customer came to my assistance, getting me things out of my purse for me since my hands were covered in blood, and she called the Dr. for me because I had left me cell phone in the car.

The Kohls' employees (who obviously do not have much experience with young children) brought me a wad of rough bathroom dispenser papertowels (yea, that will feel good on his open wound) and about 15 small bandaids! Hhhmmm-I tossed them to the side. I didn't have time for this! My baby was hurt! Then, to top it off, the store manager proceeded to ask me questions like, "what is his social security #? " for her incident report. I told her it wasn't the stores' fault, he was just being a little boy and to call me later if she needed to ask me questions...I needed to get to the ER.

I quickly walked to the car, while praying out loud over Sutton, who seemed to be getting sleepy (from the trauma and all the crying). We made it to the ER and they got him in within minutes. The nurses and DR. were great! Besides HATING being papoosed while they gave him the 7 stitches, Sutton did great!

He got the stitches out on day 5 and he is healing well. Daddy has a scar in the same place Sutty will have his. And because he thinks his daddy is the best thing to fruitsnacks, he thinks his "boo-boo" is cool. He will point to his eye and say "da-da".
I am so thankful that this is the kind of thing we had to go to the ER for-keeping it all in perspective...

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