Monday, May 31, 2010

School's Out! Summer's In!

I am cracking up because we were trying to get a pict of just the 2 of us (because it was our 11th anniversary!) and Meran and Jameson kept getting in it-hence the "head only" picture. They were determined not to let us get a picture without them!

On the San Clemente Pier with Grandma & Grandpa Lozano

We took a fabulous walk every morning! Not a bad way to begin each day.

Sharin' a snowcone at the San Clemente Polynesian Festival

Admiring the classic cars at the Festival

Jameson got his 1st pair of Flip-flops at the Rainbow Sandal Outlet! Yippee!!
No more wearing crocs everyday.

Grandma and the kids painting birdhouses during craft time.

Addi & Meran-best buddies!

At dinner

Lozano Family Cousins

Bathing Beauties

Enjoying the sunshine & ice cream at the beach

Me & Bub~a self portrait

Sutty wasn't crazy about the sand at first, so he figured out how he could
avoid sand by perching on his sand bucket.

Thinking about Boogie-Boarding...but it was a bit too chilly in the water!

Sutty snacking

We found a yummy yogurt shop up the street~Velvet Yogurt. Jason had a hankering for it almost every evening after dinner.

Happy Kids

Go Lakers!
We kicked off the first week of summer with a trip to San Clemente Beach. A place that my family and I have been going since I was in high school. It is wonderfully relaxing little beach town in South Orange County. We stayed across the street from the beach and enjoyed the cool beach weather, many walks and great restaurants. We love that we parked and never moved our car until the day we drove home! That is our favorite type of vaca! We spent time with my parents, who were with us and Dustin, Lauren & Addi. Lots of great memories~that is why there are so many picts!

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