Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Jameson Turns 5 Years Old

Still my baby
Celebrating at Red Robin

Daddy bought him his first gun...yikes!

Present time!

We brought brownies in the shape of "J" and chocolate milk
to preschool for a little Pirate Birthday Party

I am certainly not sure how and when this happened, but, Jameson turned 5 years old on Tuesday! My sweet, intense, talkative, friendly, energetic, green eyed-boy...to know him is to love him. If you aren't his friend when you meet him, you will be when you say good-bye. He loves SuperMario Brothers, Tom & Jerry, laughing and play-fighting with his dad, anything Chocolate and to rub the skin on my arms when he is tired. He would play house with his sister all day if she would do it, but always agrees to be the student when she says she will only play school with him. He lets his baby brother play with all his toys and never complains that Sutton is in his room AND will clean up the mess that Sutty made without too much complaint when I ask him to. Jameson Wesley Neese we are very super fond of you and thank the Lord for blessing our family with you!

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