Friday, July 6, 2012

4th of July Happenings

We started the day with a big breakfast & a 4 hour walk, with a stop at Shelter Island's park. There were massive amounts of people lining the shore, anticipating the fireworks that were to take place that night. If you read your Yahoo home page, you will see those people probably left highly disappointed, as there was a "computer mishap" that caused ALL the fireworks to go off at one time. Oops...atleast our first 4th of July as San Diego-ans will be a memorable one!

Exploring the rocks

taking a swim in "our pool"

Cozy with dad...never wore sweatshirts to watch fireworks before;)

The "oops"

We watched, or atleast, planned to watch the fireworks with our neighborhood~on a bridge near the bay
Here is Meran & her neighbor friend, Katie, with their glow-creations

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