Friday, July 6, 2012

A treat on a typical day

Today was a typical day. I was headed to the park with the kids, but stopped at Trader Joe's for a few groceries first. (I do this on the way to the park & bring a cooler bag...if i wait until on the way home to stop, the kids are too tired and it is a bad situation. You can picture the scene;)
I was checking out at the register and the manager commented on my hair. He said he'd been off for 6 weeks and he really noticed how much my hair had grown. He has always been very friendly, probably why he is the manager there, but we have never discussed my hair, or lack of, as was the case several months ago. Our conversation continued and he was shocked to find that I had had cancer. He kept asking if I was doing good now. I continued to pay and he walked over and asked if I "had room for flowers". He handed me a bouquet and said some kind words. What a sweet man. I didn't feel I deserved flowers, but I was grateful. And really, none of us "deserve" anything good. But, God is good and He shows his love in so many ways!

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