Monday, July 9, 2012

For the 1st time in 7 1/2 months...

I used a blow dryer on my hair! Oh happy day! How funny that something like that could make me feel joy. It also reminded me to not take the average, mundane, not so notice-able things, like eyebrows, eyelashes or hair, for granted. My head hair fell out in the end of December, from the effects of chemotherapy. That was a bummer, but I was expecting it and knew it would grow back. It was in February, when I had only 3 eyelashes and 5 eyebrow hairs left, when it got hard-I began referring to myself as a hairless cat (and you all know how I feel about cats...not a fan). Seriously, how many times had I complained about my big bushy eyebrows in my youth. Or, that I was having a bad hair day. Whatever Britton! You didn't know how good you had it until it was gone. Isn't that always how it is?
And the scary part is that I will probably, in the near future, complain once again about having a bad hair day. Ahh, sin nature rearing its ugly head.
So, I blog this to remind myself...God is so good. He gave me straight (yeah) dark (ok, with a little grey) hair. Lots and lots of eyebrows and eyelashes too. I am so thankful. Thankful to be on this side of the journey. Thankful for all the support God provided for our family. Thankful that life goes on and we are not left in those dark  moments....because we have HOPE in Christ.

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  1. I LOVE reading all the things that God is teaching you. I am really
    encouraged through it - He also teaches and reminds me through you. Thanks for taking the time to share. Love ya Britt.


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