Wednesday, July 23, 2014

10 days unplugged

The lack of posts are for one fabulous reason...we were at The Cabin for 10 days.
No cell reception, no wifi, no television. It's funny because I have always considered myself a "city" girl. And back when Jason and I first met, I know he would definitely have agreed:). But then I met Hume. Like I have said before, it's always been a favorite of Jason and his family. Honestly, the first time I met the camp I wasn't super impressed. But, as we spent more time up there, his parents purchasing a cabin and our kids attending camps there, it grew into a familiar, important, loved place. God is definitely moving there through out the different camps they run, but beyond that, it's a refuge of sorts, being able to unplug completely and soak up God's creation with family & friends.
This year our trip was extra special for several reasons! Meran attended the jr high camp with a very special friend and much of our family and several dear friends were able to be with us over the week. It was a sweet time.
I was reflecting how last year on our Hume Trip I was preparing to share my testimony at our church's women's retreat a few weeks later. This year, my testimony has been enriched by what God is doing in our lives...taking what the enemy meant for evil and using it for His good! I'm truly feeling so thankful and blessed by God these days. And what a wonder, considering I have cancer.
It's so God, isn't it? Love that! It's complete proof that He is bigger than our circumstances and we were created to bring glory to His name. I am nothing outside of Him. And I don't want it any other way. It's a restful place to be. Kind of like being at Hume Lake.
If my heart could choose an anthem this week, it would be...
We Give You Thanks by All Sons & Daughters (listen immediately;)

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