Thursday, July 10, 2014

Thoracentesis #2

A liter and a half drained from this pleural effusion...1/2 a liter more than last time (May 30th). Pretty sure I weigh less now!;) I can't believe I didn't think it was back! It is so gradual that you just get use to it. The doctor said since I'm otherwise healthy and young it doesn't effect me as much as it would an older, less physically fit person. I'm also starting to think going through childbirth 4 times has made me have a high pain tolerance:). The procedure gave me some relief from some discomfort I was feeling -so I'm super thankful for that!

Pre-procedure ultrasound:
The dark shadow (from middle to right side) is the fluid build up. The small white space in the middle is my lung kind of crunched up, because it couldn't expand due to the fluid.
(I took a picture of the fluid too, to show the kids, but didn't want to gross you out;)

I was thinking tonight~
My journey seems like a trip to Disneyland compared to the journey of so many, 
especially children with cancer. I have said from my first fight with breast cancer that I was so thankful it was me and not my children walking through this! Please keep baby Kylie in your prayers, she is currently NED but still has many hills to climb. God is using this 2 year old in mighty ways!

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