Monday, July 7, 2014

I'm a little forgetful....

So I thought my oncologist follow up appt was today, then I thought it was tomorrow....until today when I got my reminder call that infact, my appt is Wednesday! I am ready to I can talk to my doc about the constant (newer) discomfort I'm feeling. Hoping & assuming it's the tamoxifen at work. Time will tell-or rather, the Petscan that I will have in a few months to check on my progress. 
A praise is that I feel very energizer by the HBOT! If it weren't for the bone pain I'd feel totally great! 
I'm feeling so thankful as I see God woven throughout every bit of this journey. He has paved this road with blessings along the way, that keep me encouraged and focused on His plan...From the financial outpouring of love of dear friends & family, making my HBOT treatments possible, to the prayers and words of encouragement. I fear I sound like a broken record, but I can't stop it's repetition! I'm just so darn grateful! I told my sister-in-law today that if love healed, I'd be healed ten-fold.

Meran went with me one day last week to treatment and took this picture of me in the hyperbaric chamber. Now you will have a visual of what in the world HBOT is. :)

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