Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Our very last "first day of school"

It seemed so natural today as we walked Bellen into school,for her first day of preschool. She has entered those doors countless times to drop off her siblings. Today it was her turn. And boy, was she ready!
She woke up early and very excited. Wanted to dress herself and was ready before I was.
Jason & I took her together. I didn't feel a smidge sad....until I prayed for her before we left her on the playground. Gulp. But she did great, her teacher is very friendly & warm and she was very happy & talkative when I picked her up...she even napped at school, which is super rare these days!
I, fortunately, had a super busy, run-around kind of day. So I had no time to miss that baby o' mine. I did have a "moment" when I spotted several mommies in the store, with their toddlers, carrying on conversation, the funny, sweet, silly kind that little busy minds like to have. But, then I remembered how quickly I was getting my errands done, without dragging her around town. And, that there will be a tomorrow, when my little side kick will be with me once again:).

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