Saturday, September 20, 2014

Stuff that makes up our life

Today were the first soccer games for Sutton & Jameson, Bellen's team had a "bye", so she is still patiently waiting her turn:). 


Yesterday we took Bellen to get a haircut and I ran into someone I knew, who doesn't know me. So awkward. It can make one feel like a stalker, that Instagram. It's a young mother named Kate. I found her journey with a rare brain cancer through a blog I like to read on occasion. I started to follow Kate on Instagram (back when I was joining Jason on our insta account). We were part of the same "club", Kate and I, just different divisions...her's brain, mine breast. Well, a few months after she completed her treatment she became pregnant! So when I saw a tall, striking, bald young woman with a young daughter and new baby boy I knew it was her! I did my best to not seem like a stalker:). 
I shared my story and she shared hers. It was a rather lovely 15 minutes as we waited for our girls to get their hair cut. I love when God does stuff like that...little glimpses of how He purposes everything, even haircut appointments:).

I completed my 40th treatment of hyperbaric oxygen therapy on Thursday! That is the standard for most people. But, I'm not most people. So, I'm gonna continue as long as I can. I think it will really be beneficial once I start radiation...I've heard that radiation makes you very tired and the hbot should help my skin to not be too badly damaged. Again, Thank you, thank you, thank you for all who have made this possible and continue to make this possible by your amazing generosity! I give testimony to it often-how amazing my friends & family are:).
I meet with the gyn-onc Monday morning. She told my oncologist that she still thinks that the cyst may be cancerous. We are believing and praying that she is completely wrong! Simply for the benefit of the cancer not having spread, not to keep the o's cus those babies are on their way out anyway. (Dear O1 & O2, Thank you, you served your purpose well but now you are dangerous to me. Don't take it personal, even though it is. Goodbye)
Thank you for your continued prayers! Yeah weekend!

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