Monday, September 22, 2014


We met with the gyn-oncologist today. I really liked her and her whole team. It makes such a difference when you like your doctors, or not. Super thankful for her communication skills and I get the feeling she is very good at what she does:). I am scheduled for an oophorectomy (crazy word, right?) on October 3rd. I was hoping for this week, but this was her first available. I'm stoked to get 'er done and excited about the prospective results that starving the cancer of estrogen will (hopefully) have. 
I did still get the Lupron shot today, that chemically does the same thing. I was hoping to skip this since my surgery is in just 2 weeks, but fun fact: did you know that estrogen has an after life of several days? So, even after my surgery, those bad boys could be floating around for a few weeks. I did the shot to get going on stopping that now. 
Does it seem odd that you know this much personal stuff about me? Oh well. Maybe it'll be a benefit to you some day, in walking thru this with someone else. At least you know specifics for minimal side effects (please!!!) and then, if you see me in a fit of rage or in the middle of a hot flash one'll know why;). 
(Jason says humor is my coping mechanism:)

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