Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Making Historical Memories

 Spring break ended and I feel like I need a vacation! For 8 days, Meran and I visited the East Coast (Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia & DC) on a whirlwind tour of American History, arranged by her school. Jason kindly held down our fort on the West Coast, dad-style (see Picts below:).
Meran and I love to travel together and we have been blessed to be able to make several memories in this way. A few of our favorites were being on an Amish-Mennonite Farm, seeing Gettysburg, and visiting Montecello, home of Thomas Jefferson and Mount Vernon, home of George Washington. After walking where these 2 men walked and spent many of their days, I was struck with the thought of how much they impacted our world and American History. Back in their days of letter writing (with a quil!) and word of mouth carried by foot or horseback, I am guessing they had no idea how much of an impact they were truly leaving on America. It'd be fun to see their reaction today if they were here...and perhaps there would be some shaking of heads too.
Today I was reading the online devo, Daily Hope, by Rick Warren, titled,"God uses your work to develop your character" , Luke 16:10-12. He talks about how the work we do here is preparing our character...refining us for what God has for us in eternity. It really puts things in perspective when you look at eternity being our "true" life and this earthly time as our practice run, or dress rehearsal. I love his quote,"God is far more concerned about who you are than what you do. He is much more interested in your character than he is in your career." In a day and age when "what you do" is so emphasized, it's truly ones character that sets you apart. Thinking of my experiences as one of the ways God is refining my character for His purposes, I will embrace them because I want to be ready for eternity.

On the home front that week...

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