Thursday, April 2, 2015

Surprising Surprise

I haven't been able to blog because I've literally been bouncing from one fun event to the other! 2 weekends ago Jason took me away on a secret weekend get away. While I do not like surprises, I also do not like ruining surprises. So, I agonized over packing on the clues that Jason gave me. Thankful, the Lord gifted me with a daughter that is very in tune to my likes and dislikes, and knowing how I would NOT like showing up to the weekend with the wrong wardrobe (yes, I'm vain like that), suggested I leave my sneakers and jacket behind. I threw in another dress, my inlaws came to keep our ship running and we were off!
We showed up to Michelle & Andy's home for what he said was "brunch". Now, I was excited to be spending time with 2 of our favorites, but couldn't believe that Jason would ask Michelle to do this, considering the week this girl had (think stolen purse-canceling credit cards-and inconveniences of that sort).
We opened the door and their luggage stood there. "Surprise!" She yelled.
I processed... Luggage, friends, weekend away.
They were coming with us!!
The weekend only got better...sun, Palm trees, pool time, dinners out and more favorites! Sarah & Tim flew out from Idaho. Our college roomie reunion (plus hubbies) would have been complete if it had not been for our blonde-bestie in the midst of a relocation. (We missed you Can!)
We used the excuse of my recent 40th birthday, but our time together was rich and refreshing. I love that God introduced & melted our hearts together back in 1993 at PLNU. Relationships are by far my favorite gifts I took from college. And it's definitely a benefit of being 40... To have 20+ years of life with these favorites. Thank you for loving me!

    Fun fact: it was fashion week in the desert so we walked the red carpet;)

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