Saturday, November 19, 2011

Glad its today and not a few days ago...

Well, since my last post I have lost 5 lbs. No, it is not a new anti-cancer diet that I am trying. I had a bad reaction to the chemo & the 2 anti-nausea medicines they gave me, both as a prescription and in an IV before the chemo, didn't work. I have always been sensitive to meds and haven't probably even taken close to a half bottle of Tylenol over my lifetime.
I finally went in yesterday, after 2 1/2 days of misery, to see my oncologist. He gave me an iv to hydrate me and tried a new anti-nausea medicine, that actually works for me!
Now, I am just fatigued(the normal side effect of chemo) and have gotten some appetite back.
Being back in a state of semi-mental focus (although, there is something called chemo-brain...I am thinking this, combined with mommy-brain, may be really bad;) I want to thank everyone who has shown love and support to me and my family. Whether it be bringing food, flowers, new slippers, picking up my kids from school, taking them home to play, a cute breast cancer awareness necklace, cards & notes, calls, texts, and most importantly...prayers on my behalf to our Lord. I know I have this awesome army of supportive family and friends-that-are-like-family around me...making it so much easier to face this road.
My fairygod MOM, though she probably feels more like Cinderella, has been holding down the fort while Jason went to San Diego to start his job (although he is back for the weekend) and I was bedridden. Jameson celebrated his 1/2 birthday at school, since we won't be here for his real birthday. Here are some cute picts that Mom took of the "event".
Jameson and Mrs. Bons
He brought pizza & cookies for the class to enjoy
His cute classmates

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  1. Oh Britton -- so thankful that you got some relief from a bad start to medication. You are a trouper! Hope the rest of your weekend was restful . . . you do have an army of supporters, and we are thankful for you this week, especially! xoxo Maryann


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