Sunday, November 6, 2011

Joy, Joy,Unending Joy

My favorite CD right now is the new Phil Wickham, that my brother burned for me(I have mentioned this before:). Track #2 is what i have dubbed my theme song for this adventure. When I figure out how, I will put the song on the blog so you can be blessed by it too. The chorus is, "Joy, joy, unending joy. Always, joy will remain. Joy, joy, I sing for joy...always, forever I'll stay in your joy".
My nurse called me today, who also happens to go to church with us:) She was on her way out of the country but just wanted to call and tell me the outcome of the genetic testing. It was all clear...NO MUTATED GENE anywhere to be found! This is a huge relief! This means I am not going to pass this on to my children, I will most likely not get cancer in the other breast or ovaries. I am looking at this cancer as a one hit (non)wonder. Meaning, I will be treated, cured and move on...hopefully using my experience to draw others to Jesus. To Him be all the glory!!
ps-this was the test that was suppose to take 10 days to get the results, it hasn't even been a week yet (4 days to be exact!:)

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